• Reminder of vaccination (3rd dose)

    To ensure the effectiveness of vaccination against hepatitis A and B (Twinrix), three (3) doses are required :


    2e :

    1 month after the first dose

    3e :

    6 months after the first dose

    This tool lets you send a friendly reminder for your third dose of vaccine.

    Please enter the date of the second dose as well as your email address. You will be notified within five (5) months.

    Date of the second vaccine:



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    Why is it necessary to take several medications at the same time?

    In 1996, the currently recommended triple therapy approach (the combination of three different antiretrovirals) was first widely recognized as the best way to manage HIV infection

    Prior to the onset of triple therapy, the use of single ARV or double combinations of ARVs permitted the virus to quite rapidly develop resistance to the medications used thus permitting the virus to "break through"  therapy and continue to reproduce despite medications — please refer to the section What is medication resistance?

    Current recommended therapies to control HIV are all permutations of combinations of at least three currently available antiretroviral agents. The logic behind this approach is that it greatly decreases the risk that the virus develops resistance to the medications employed. If resistance is unable to develop, therapy should, in theory, work forever.

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