• Reminder of vaccination (3rd dose)

    To ensure the effectiveness of vaccination against hepatitis A and B (Twinrix), three (3) doses are required :


    2e :

    1 month after the first dose

    3e :

    6 months after the first dose

    This tool lets you send a friendly reminder for your third dose of vaccine.

    Please enter the date of the second dose as well as your email address. You will be notified within five (5) months.

    Date of the second vaccine:



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    Will I need to take medications for the rest of my life?

    The answer to this question is full of subtlety and promise. Several years ago, the answer to this frequent question was simple and straightforward: once a person living with HIV started antiretrovirals it was "treatment for life". At the current moment in time in HIV research and management, there are exceptions to the rule, however, essentially medications, once started are to be taken for life.

    You can discuss this matter further with your doctor.

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