• Reminder of vaccination (3rd dose)

    To ensure the effectiveness of vaccination against hepatitis A and B (Twinrix), three (3) doses are required :


    2e :

    1 month after the first dose

    3e :

    6 months after the first dose

    This tool lets you send a friendly reminder for your third dose of vaccine.

    Please enter the date of the second dose as well as your email address. You will be notified within five (5) months.

    Date of the second vaccine:



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    How can I avoid getting gonorrhea?


    • Aside from total abstinence (no genital or oral sexual relations), a monogamous relationship with one non-infected partner is the best way to prevent gonorrhea and other STBBIs.
    • Condoms remain the best protection against STBBIs for sexually active people. CONDOMS SHOULD BE USED CONSISTENTLY AND CORRECTLY for all sexual activity, except in a monogamous relationship with one non-infected partner. For oral sex, a condom or dental dam should be used, especially if the risks are unknown.
    • Get screened regularly for sexually transmitted infections. Screening for STBBIs should be part of the annual medical checkup. Do not wait for symptoms to appear. If you are a in a couple and you or your partner have other sexual contacts, or if you have multiple partners, your doctor, after assessing your risk factors, can decide with you how often to get tested. He or she may suggest visits every six months or every three months.
    • Limit your number of partners. Your risk of acquiring gonorrhea and other STBBIs increases with your number of partners.
    • Consume alcohol and drugs in moderation, or avoid intimate relations when you are consuming these substances. Drugs and alcohol reduce inhibition and the ability to make informed decisions, and also lead to increased risk taking.