• Reminder of vaccination (3rd dose)

    To ensure the effectiveness of vaccination against hepatitis A and B (Twinrix), three (3) doses are required :


    2e :

    1 month after the first dose

    3e :

    6 months after the first dose

    This tool lets you send a friendly reminder for your third dose of vaccine.

    Please enter the date of the second dose as well as your email address. You will be notified within five (5) months.

    Date of the second vaccine:



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    Is prostatitis transmitted?

    Prostatitis is not, in general, considered to be a sexually transmitted illness. The presence or previous diagnosis of prostatitis does not increase the risk for the development of other prostate associated diseases. Prostatitis does not increase the risk for prostate cancer. Prostatitis does not protect against the development of future prostate disease.