• Reminder of vaccination (3rd dose)

    To ensure the effectiveness of vaccination against hepatitis A and B (Twinrix), three (3) doses are required :


    2e :

    1 month after the first dose

    3e :

    6 months after the first dose

    This tool lets you send a friendly reminder for your third dose of vaccine.

    Please enter the date of the second dose as well as your email address. You will be notified within five (5) months.

    Date of the second vaccine:



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    Acute prostatitis
    Acute infectious prostatitis is caused by a bacterial infection. It is typically sudden in the onset of its symptoms and requires immediate medical attention. The primary symptoms include the urge to urinate frequently, pain or discomfort in the region of the lower abdomen, a burning sensation upon urination, fever and/or chills. There may, at times, be blood in the urine.
    • Toxic syndrome (severe) with fever and chills
    • Lower abdominal or pelvic pain
    • Urinary difficulties (difficulty urinating, pain with urination, frequent urge)
    • The clinical scenario may resemble acute pyelonephritis (kidney stones).
    • Your physician will tend to avoid putting you through a rectal exam when you are acutely ill.
    • The bacteria responsible are typically identified in the urine test (culture), and may occasionally be identified in blood cultures (not always indicated).
    • It is prudent to envisage a full STI screening test to exclude the possibility of urethritis (chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc.)